SECE Concepts

SECE is based on seven concepts that you and your child will find in each class.

The philosophy behind these concepts makes us different from other Early Years classes.  

Every Child Can Learn

We know that every child will learn to speak, and therefore many other abilities will also develop.

Ability Develops Early

"If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline, and endurance." - Dr. Suzuki

Environment Nurtures Growth

"When parents and teachers surrounding the child reward the child with positive feedback for their efforts, and when they show acceptance of     the small successes that children have, the environment is nurturing and helpful for growth" - Dorothy Jones, founder of SECE 

Children Learn From One Another

Children who play together learn from each other. They use their senses to imitate other children, especially if it looks like fun! Younger children notice the older children, and model their behaviour. They also look to those a bit younger and practice the behaviour they've learned from their elder peers.

Success Breeds Success

A wonderful learning cycle occurs in all children. They will try something new, and with positive feedback, they try again and again, repeating and growing in this new skill. Then when provided the opportunities to, children try the next step. "Don't hurry, don't rest. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking one step at a time will surely get you there."  - Dr. Suzuki 

Parental Involvement Is Crucial

When parents are supportive and actively help their child, the feedback they give helps the process of learning to focus and learning becomes thoroughly mastered. 

Encouragement Is Essential

"Parents and teachers who have smiling faces have children who have smiling faces" - Dr. Suzuki